Why is it Important to Achieve an Effective Legal Career?

Greetings and welcome to the Law and Policy Design section of Visual Legal Analytica. In this thread, I will discuss about the necessity to achieve an effective legal career, which anyways is a necessity for people, who aspire to become a part of the legal profession.

In this thread we are interested to have a serious discussion about this problem, where I will discuss about the reality of law as a profession, from a practical point of view.

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In India, it is hard to be a lawyer, from a socio-economic angle. 

There are still many lawyers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities who require economic and financial mobility to raise their livelihood, while also remaining competent and skilled enough to master in their own legal domains. 

ADR is becoming real. Yet, litigation still triumphs the profession and alternative legal opportunities are not made possible, in the simplest of ways as we know. Arbitration still is not a career profession and mediation has to improve in many ways. 

Hence, it is important to understand how people aspiring to be lawyers grow and shape their skills.

At the same time, while many law colleges fail to provide them industry perspectives and exposure, it is necessary that law students and professionals focus on cultivating a stable and effective legal career.

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Let's be real. Legal careers are not limited to law firms and litigation in courts.

It is a common misconception in India that making a legal career implies getting a job.

But most opportunities in this profession are not based on the models of employment that the industrial revolution in the 1750s used to embrace.

Plus, job security is an unending concern for thousands and maybe lakhs of law students and professionals, especially those with underprivileged backgrounds.

What do they need is an environment of sustainable opportunities, where they get the feat to shape up their skills and careers. Skill sets are also quite dynamic like the emerging legal opportunities, which is why it is necessary that we embrace skill mobility in India.

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