Sep 12 • 29M

Episode 2 | India's Technology Landscape

Abhivardhan interviews Shivam Vahia, a tech industry geek about India's technology landscape amidst.

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In this episode, Shivam Vahia, an ex-journalist on tech, currently a specialist in a FinTech company, discusses about India’s technology landscape.

Our discussion sums up the following questions:

  1. How should we estimate India’s technology landscape post-recession due to the Ukraine conflict in the US and Europe?

  2. How are India’s technology startups and unicorns growing amidst the recession woes?

  3. How are RBI and NITI Aayog approaching tech inclusion and perpetuation in governance and how they differ?

  4. Are technology lawyers aware of how digital technologies affect the economic and sociotechnical landscapes of human life?

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